Reboot to NAND/eMMc doesn't work

I’ve installed latest CoreElec 9.0.1 on 16gb sd card and I have a problem rebooting back to Android. My device is Oranth’s TX3 Mini - H, 2gb ram 16gb rom. It’s a s905w device. Official firmware is 20181210 from Tanix web site. So, i burned CoreElec to sd with glx_p281_2g.dtb and it boots without a problem but reboot to NAND/eMMc command doesnt work for me. It doesnt reboot to Android, instead it reboots back to CoreElec. Only way to get back to Android is to turn off device and eject sd card. If sd is inserted, no matter what I do it reboots back to Core Elec. This is what i get through ssh:

CoreELEC:~ # /usr/sbin/rebootfromnand
Cannot parse config file ‘/etc/fw_env.config’: Invalid argument
Error: environment not initialized

Can I do something to fix this?