Recommendation for a EPG Grabber for US OTA TV?

I’m using tvheadend 4.3 on a radxa zero with the standard EPG internal grapper that comes with TVHE. It leaves a lot to be desired as there’s no program descriptions and the guide doesn’t populate very well. I next tried zap2epg but kept getting errors and the guide wouldn’t populate.

Any others I can try that others would recommend? Thanks in advance.

I’ve used webgrab+plus for over a year now. You have to donate to be able to scrape more than 20 channels but it’s only something like 5 euros a year. I’m pulling UK OTA channels but checking the country list there are a number of sites for the US.

This definitely looks like a valid option. I don’t mind paying, just wish it was open source. Can’t have everything though.

How do you set it up? I’ve tried to go through the docker container that provides for webgrab++ but it is different than the config instructions on the official wg++ page

I can’t comment on the docker install I just installed it on a pi and followed the guide from the official website.

Are you running coreelec on the Pi?

No I use the pi for tvheadend with a couple of tuners, pi hole, FileShare and a few other things. I have coreelec on an n2. I’ve always found keeping the TV tuners separate works better.
Plus then if I want to boot into android on the n2 I’m not stopping anyone else in the house from using the tvheadend instance.

That may be the only way I’ll be able to use wg++ then, with tvhe on a separate machine.

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