Recommendation for emulation, media, and server in one


I am looking for a small computer to run retro emulation games and a media player + server. ideally this would be a single device with sata to attach a huge 3.5" hard drive. (I have an 8TB I would like to use.) also looking for mobility as it will be moved around.

from what I have learned, i was hoping to find an Android TV box with S922X and 3.5" drive that was supported, but not finding that.

sorry if this is a redundant question, but does anyone have recommendations?

media would include rips of my movies and music: up to 4k x265 10b video and flac lossless audio). retro ROMs up to dreamcast.

also, some locations will not have internet.

thank you!

As far as I am aware the S922x Chipset does not have a SATA Controller, you would need to use a USB3 sata Adapter.

Thanks for the input. I don’t mind a converter (usb, pcie, etc.) as long as that doesn’t create problems, and still provides a “compact” option.