Recommendation for odroid n2

i am looking for a remote for my odroid n2. its so annoying with CEC, sometimes a button works, sometimes its entered like 3 times, then just nothing, then with a delay of 5 seconds, that just sucks.
so i am looking for something that works. can someone recommend a remote?
thought with bluetooth it should be much better (reaction, problems, compatibility, etc.)

Here’s a link to a thread covering another user’s request for a recommended remote. I highly recommend this particular remote as it works perfectly with CE. There’s instructions near the bottom of the thread for how to program it to power off/on your TV as well.

(Please recommended a working Controller odroid n2)

Best remote ever is “Yatse”. Buy the pro app. It will be the best and cheapest remote.

i have yatse on a tablet but i dont like to always use the tablet. because the battery is dead all the time (last max. 4-5 days)

will check the thread now, thanks

edit: ok so MX3 Air Mouse is good, ya? then i’ll try it, thanks!

It´s cheap
Minix NEO A2 is good(simply the best)

If I was about to buy a new one today I would have gone for the osmc remote:

It’s the same low button remote like every other cheap remotes.

The best solution is to disable CEC completely and the program the N2 to recognize the remote for your TV.


That’s similar to Khadas and other vendors, the difference is that the OSMC is more expensive.

thanks, bought now the minix neo a2, i hope it will arrive soon and solve that… problem :wink:

Don´t forget the command to configure the newe remote:
echo “meson-ir * minix_neo” > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg

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