Recommendation on replacing S912

Evening all,

Sure this gets asked lots of times, but I’m looking at replacing my S912. What is the recommended SOC to replace this with these days without breaking the bank?

I have a 4K HDR TV.


Choose one of the many S905X3 or S922X devices available.

Cool will take a look, is the S905X3 a better performer than the old S912’s then?

I think so. S922X has more power but I recently replaced my N2 for an Odroid C4 because it is good for CoreELEC and has a bit lower power consumption.

Any S905X3 SOC will give you a nice performance. If possible, go for a model with 4 GB memory (not to confuse with storage).

I shouldn’t be advertising but I have good experiences with TaNiX and CE.

Cool, I’ll take a look at some 4GB RAM S905X3 boxes. From what I can see the 4GB variants have 1Gb networking.

Many of the 4Gb boxes should have Gigabit Ethernet but always ask for confirmation first as many have come onto the market with fat Ethernet, perhaps due in part to components shortages during the pandemic.

If buying hardware with no surprise binparts you should choose between
the Odroid C4 or the Vim3l HTPC Kit.
Official Khadas Store
2gb of Ram is more than enough for CoreELEC
You will barely use 30% .
No overheating issues which are a problem with most S905x3 hardware.

I can second what Kostaman is saying about using a Khadas or Odroid boards. Have had no issues with these in the past and good thermal values so no throttling taking place.
Depending where in the world you are you can purchase the Khadas boards from Amazon and the Odroid boards from a distributer.

The N2 is very power efficient-it’s not worth even considering the tiny amount saved by using a C4 over an N2.

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