Hey folks,

i’m sorry about these question, but i’m very new to CE.
I like to install a stable system to receive DVB-S, hear a lot of Musik in good quality, and watch some recorded videos.
Therefore i think about a Odroid N2+, TELESTAR DIGIBIT TWIN & external USB HDD.
TV goes via HDMI to TV and sound should go via SPDIF or analog to analog 2.0 amplifier.
I like to use tvheadend client and server on the same unit - just connect to the DIGIBIT.
Is this a usable configuration for now and the future?
Other recommendations are very welcome.

mny tnx & vy 73


Hey @Betatester ,
thanks for your quick reply.
I know, the DIGIBIT ist not the top of the line, but for me it seems to be enough.
It should be placed under the roof only connected to the twin LNB, Ethernet and power.
I have also read about some trouble getting it to work with tvheadend, but most issues are solved using the right setting for the type of LNB. Many people have had success with the combination of tvheadend and DIGIBIT TWIN, so i like to give it a try.
The issue they referenced in the post is about 6 years old and i think it’s already solved.
I also know it has a little thermal problem and should not be mounted in bad vented enviroment, but that’s no problem - it will be mounted on a vertikal plate with distance tubes together with other electronic components like antenna switches and tuners.
I believe the DIGIBIT is a piece possible to handle, configure and forget - hopefully :wink:
BTW, at home i use tvheadend 4.2.8-36 with a DD PCIe DVB-C Twin Tuner on Ubuntu for years without any problems - nice card!
Is it time to start with tvheadend 4.3 under CE, or better use the bundled addons?

vy 73 Lena

You can try and follow the TVHeadend walk-through from our wiki, the procedure should be more or less the same, but be aware only certain USB TV Tuners have been thoroughly tested so there are no guarantees it will work.

TVHeadend 4.2 should be fine.

I believe the link I posted from TVHeadend forum suggest using SAT>IP protocol for Digibit.

Hey @Betatester ,

thanks for your reply.
So i will order this setup.
I don’t need any USB-Tuner. USB will only be used for Media HDD and wireless keyboard dongle.
The Telestar Digibit Twin is a pure Sat>IP receiver, so i don’t expect any serious problems from this side.

mny tnx & vy 73 Lena

Hey Folks,
at first i like to thank very much to all the CoreElec-Team!
Great Job!
My Odroid N2+ 4GB arrived last friday with 64 GB emmc and 64 GB SDHC and the Digibit Twin sat>ip tuner.
First installation of CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.5-Matrix_rc2-Odroid_N2.img, simply taken from the download helper to SD works out of the box and after some testing i decided to install on emmc.
Wow, installation without any problems and runs lightning fast!
Installation of tvheadend client and server 4.3 simply by kodi addon and server configuration for sat>ip can be done with the wizzard. Hardest part of all is removing all the crab the bird twitters and sorting the remaining channels.
Temperature never reached 50°C at full load - it’ amazing what you can do with this little board.
Timeshift, recording, playing music and videos from USB disk with pretty good sound over HDMI and analog 3.5mm jack - all what i have expected works ( all most ) perfect.
So again, thank you very much for your great work!

Greetings Lena

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