Recommended driver for Mecool KI pro

I think that this was discussed somewhere before - but I can not find the topic again…

I am using latest CE nightly. Device is Mecool KI pro. TVHeadend Server on the device.

Which driver should I take for DVBS ?
inbuild in image
or one from the 2 lastest driver addons…

And - why ? (want to understand it )

Also have noticed that TVheadend does not show DVBT/DVBC/ATSC anymore ?

KI Pro is supported in all 3 dvb drivers addons with same drivers. In kernel is standard dvb driver supporting single tuner/demolator with multi-standard (dvb-s/s2, dvb-t/t2, dvb-c, atsc-c). In crazycat and latest is used new unified driver with dual tuner/demod support (e.g. ready for new Wetek Air).
If you see in TVH only single standard for avl6862 you probably have wrongly cached dvb adapter config.
Try to clean it:

systemctl stop service.tvheadend42
rm -rf /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.tvheadend42/input/linuxdvb/adapters/


Thanks for your explanation
worked for KI pro

in wetek play2 this didn´t help
I see only DVBS part - tried all 3 versions
it shows Availink AVL6211+AV2011 DVB-S/S2 #0 : DVB-S #0

WeTek Play2 has only exchangeable single standard modules. For dvb-t/c you need another module.

Oh sorry - you are right ! Seems that i own to much from these boxes in the meantime … :man_facepalming: