Recover android to internal

I plan to sell my KI Pro Box. I had CE installed on internal flash. Is it possible to reinstall original Android on internal flash?

Yes, I think easiest way is using Burn Card maker (google)

Download original android firmware. (google or freaktab forum)

dosnt work at all. Maybe cause CE was on internal Storage only. Also tried the Amlogic Burnin Tool -> Box dosnt connect to the PC i think cause of CE Bootloader

You are thinking of the wrong thing, you find firmware, you then use the card maker to burn image to a microsd card. It is not the usb burning tool that needs to be connected to a pc.

I think this is your firmware

lol i already know this. There are both ways to flash the box. 1 via usb burnin tool and 2 via sd card. Both dont work

Then it is pebkac as both methods will restore a device regardless of if you had CE installed on internal or not.

ok so i will try it again…

you need an xp machine to install the stock firmware again. It’s easiest way.

Really? Windows XP? What is the problem Windows 7 or Windows 10 system?

it’s better compatible. Whenever i use an old xp machine, it just works in one time. Newer systems i have less good experience with.