Refresh rate query

Hi all, just a small question, not too sure why it is bugging me to the extent it does, which isn’t too much.

Our family watches both live TV (using PVR simple client) and catchup TV addons here in Australia. A lot of content is 50i.

Before whitelist, CoreElec (and prior) would switch the display to 50p for this 50i content. From the whitelist versions (and I understand this may not actually be directly related), the very same content is output at 25p.

This seems logical and there ought not be a difference but there seems to be a minor difference in quality. The 25p output seems marginally less crisp, like there is a soft lens, and a little ‘milky’ in colour tones. Now this could be a the TV I suppose. If I turn of 25p in the whitelist, then the content is displayed at 50p and looks like it did before.

So, questions… Is this change in behaviour intentional? Is the only way of showing the content to turn of 25p resolutions?

This question would be best answered in the Kodi forums, the whole Whitelist thing has caused and created a ton of issues.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will post on the Kodi forums.

I totally agree with you that the whitelist resolution/refresh modes has created issues. I note your critical point in another post that you should be able to turn it off or choose ‘Best selection’ where Kodi follows what it has always done.

That would have been the best scenario, how it has been introduced is total chaos and a mess, sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

I DON’T Whitelist what i didn’t use before all this crap extra resolution refresh rate options came about.
I whitelist 1080p 24Hz / 1080p 23.98 / 1080p 60Hz / 1080P 59.94Hz and set the GUI 1080p 50Hz . No issues with Aussie Live TV or recordings. No refresh rate switch needed.