Relabel SD card from COREELEC to custom

I tried the latest CE version and the label as always is COREELEC for SD cards or USB sticks for booting.

Can I change this label to custom, say, TVCE201?

I opened the root directory file, cfgload, in my Windows Notepad++, and changed the label in “LABEL= …” line, then saved the file.

But the result was a dark screen.

cfgload file is binary file and you can’t edit with text editor but instead it is compiled.

No idea why you need to change that but you can do in text file config.ini.

coreelec='quiet boot=LABEL=TVCE201'


Thanks ! Is the config.ini file also in root directory?

Reason I want to change labels is to differentiate among various Coreelec builds, without having to plug in the cards and sit through the boot process one by one :blush:

I just put a small label on my sd cards🙂

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