Release: Spotifyd addon for CoreELEC

I recently got a VIM3 and found that the librespot addon doesn’t work with the Amlogic-ng version of CE. I also saw similar reports of users with a RPi4 on the LibreELEC forums. I spent a few days trying to fix it by building different versions of librespot but to no avail.

So I started experimenting with building Spotifyd, an open source Spotify client running as a UNIX daemon that is based on librespot that I used to run on my HTPC before I got my VIM3. I got Spotifyd to run and made it into an addon. I hope somebody finds it useful as well so that’s why I’m releasing it here, if not then no harm done right?

I personally use the addon on my VIM3. I’ve configured Kodi to use HDMI for audio output and I use the VIM3’s SPDIF output for Spotifyd (but you could also use an external USB sound card for example). For me this is perfect because now I can stream Spotify to my old speakers without turning on my TV or interfering with Kodi in any way. This also means that there is no feedback of the addon to Kodi at all, so it’s not possible to see what’s playing or skip songs or anything like that, the Spotifyd service is basically invisible.

Install instructions

I built the addon for both Amlogic and Amlogic-ng versions of CE but to be honest I’m not sure if that was even necessary. The Amlogic version seems to run fine on my Amlogic-ng install of CE.


I use Spotify (free) on my phone and cast to TV or Yamaha amp.
Does this mean I can just use Kodi (CE)to open Spotify the same way?

Thanks a lot @jant90 !
This version really works on my X96 Max + (S905X3), which was not the case for librespot.
It would be great if this plugin could be included in the coreelec repo
One thing i have to ask: is it possible to control the volume of the spotify playback from within kodi?
For now it just works with the Spotify app, but not with the remote control.
I think i have to change the playback device from Alsa to Pulseaudio but i’m not sure…?

Edit: Yeah there seems to be something broken with the mixer, whenever a sound is created by Kodi, the Spotify Playback stops. even a normal click sound

Edit: I tried changing the backend to pulseaudio, but this made the playback completly stop working…
Here you can take a look in the logs I switched the backend at about 11:20