Remote.conf mapping buttons RED/GRE/YEL/BLU (TELETEXT)

Trying to use buttons on my remote to use “TeleText” in KODI, based on information I’ve found here:

Actual snippet of my remote.conf:

0x44 47 # => KEY_V

0x43 0x18e # => KEY_RED
0x0f 0x18f # => KEY_GREEN
0x10 0x190 # => KEY_YELLOW
0x18 0x191 # => KEY_BLUE

Pressing “BTN_0x44” will start and quit TeleText as expected.
But pressing BTN_0x43/BTN_0x0f/BTN_0x10/BTN_0x18 on my remote actually has no effect.

Tried to convert mapping values from HEX to DEC with no luck either:

0x44 47 # => KEY_V

0x43 398 # => KEY_RED
0x0f 399 # => KEY_GREEN
0x10 400 # => KEY_YELLOW
0x18 401 # => KEY_BLUE

What I’m doing wrong?

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