Remote Control troubleshooting and/or new remote control?

I have dumb/noob questions about remote controls after trying to read a lot on wiki’s and forums. Here is my current setup:
All physically WIRED to internal network never connected to internet.
Kodi Media Center PC running unraid. (holds all the Movie/TV Shows, etc)
1st Room - MINIX-U9 NEO box (running CoreElec) with this default remote that comes with it. Here is link of Minix remote (

2nd Room – ODROID-N2+ from Ameridroid (running CoreElec) that has their $5 remote, here (IR Remote Control — ameriDroid)

It might sound silly and picky but the 2 remotes work very differently. The MINIX Box remote has this weird thing where you have to click it twice to work. Meaning click once to “wake it up” and then the second click starts to work fine after that. This remote has great feature that I can zip crazy fast through my movies A-Z (just like if you had a keyboard and held down button to scroll). I just don’t like the “delayed response” feature. I don’t know what this issue is called?

With the ODROID-N2+ remote it works like you expect a remote to (no, “2 clicks” to start working) but scrolling through my movies A-Z feels is as slow as a snail! Even if I click crazy fast with my fingers there is a significant delay to responses and sometimes if I click say 10 times very fast, but it reacts to maybe 4 or 5 of those clicks in Kodi. I don’t know what this issues is called?

So I have 1 remote where I love the speed but I have to “wake it up”, and another remote that is slow but works fine (no 2 click wake up). Even reading as much as I did, I don’t understand if the slow scrolling speed is a hardware limit of the remote or is a feature I can change in Kodi software settings somewhere? The other reason I’m asking is I LOVE the ODROID-N2+ setup and want to replace the MINIX Box but hesitate due to the remote control issues (slow scrolling). So below is what I want:

1st Room – ODROID-N2+ replacement for MINIX Box (same as 2nd room) but solve the remote control issue! (or buy new remote)
2nd Room – ODROID-N2+ from Ameridroid, but solve the remote control issue! (or buy new remote)

I don’t want/need a super fancy (and usually expensive) programmable remote. Hopefully either a software change (inside Kodi) or just a better remote that has features I’m looking for in the $10-$40 range. I’m in the U.S. by the way.

Sorry I couldn’t explain the hardware details better, only the symptoms. Thank you for helping a noob.