Remote for K92

I am asking help for a friend of mine who has bought a K92 s905x2 4g/32g and have installed on sd card the latest nightly. Everything works fine but the remote does not work. I know there are guides in this forum on how to make the necessary files yourself. Unfortunately I am completely ignorant in these things and do not understand what to do and how to do. I ask someone here to give help. I run ssh remoteinfo and I post here the link.Thank you. YAttached there is the list of scancodes made following the guide.scancodes.txt (3.4 KB)

Following the guides in this forum, in the end I was able to create the files for my remote that now is working perfect.
Thanks for help


Please post your remote file so others can benefit.

These are the files for k92 remote.
k92 remote files.rar (315 Bytes)