Hi all, been using coreelec for far too long to never have posted on here. Love your work. I’ve searched but not found anything on this. I was wondering if it’s possible to run on coreelec. I’m really not well versed in setting up vpns and stuff but used to use this on dietpi and it basically let’s me access ssh, any server sidestuff I might be running in background (transmission, sonarr) etc. From anywhere. It’s seems quite a secure way of doing things for a beginner and maybe a good addition to the use cases of a lot of people here I imagine.

I used to run it on dietpi but have one box in a remote location that needs to keep coreelec on, would just love be able to access it from a distance.

No worries if not gotta ask eh.

Cheers guys

I too wanted to access CE remotely and went down the path of setting up an SSH public key. I setup port forwarding on the Router from some unusual port to port 22 of CE. Used this guide to get me going.

You can also setup tunnels to CE and then VNC into CE. Great way of supporting it remotely.

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