Remote without Kodi

Hi guys! Is there any way to have remote working with stopped kodi?
The reason for this is I would like to kill kodi from remote and be able to start kodi from remote as well.
For now I’m doing this from ssh cause running kodi somehow brings my am6+ to 50 degree Celsius doing nothing… Temps are lower when I watch something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Try to go to main Kodi window - I think you will see lower temp.
But 55 is not much anyway.

It’s all about skin I’m using Pete…
The thing is I’m watching evening only but box is doing server things for me… Tinc, wireguard, swag, emby etc.
There’s no need to run kodi all the time.

Can we start remote process somehow after killing kodi?

This is with kodi killed…

And this is with kodi running…

I think in the past I was using irexec. Something like this.


Thank you Peter! :blush:

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If it works try to write some detailed instructions for others. I think it could be useful to someone.

I will! :blush: Will test it later tonight!

I gave this a try. It worked with meson-ir but not amremote.

Same here. I got my box working with amremote and not coming back to meson :wink: gave up on it…

Long time back I was also using actkbd: GitHub - thkala/actkbd: A keyboard shortcut daemon

It seems kodi is quiet when I restart it from shh and doesn’t take any resources anymore.

Can you please @vpeter have a look in to your script as I can’t get it to work from power menu? (1.0 KB)

Use this in python script

import xbmc
import xbmcgui
import os

sh_script = '/storage/.kodi/addons/script.json.restart/'

def set_exe(fpath):
  if not os.access(fpath, os.X_OK):
    os.chmod(fpath, 0o0755)


if __name__ == '__main__':
  if len(sys.argv) == 2:
    if sys.argv[1] == 'restart_kodi':
      os.system(f'systemd-run {sh_script}')

sh_script constant could also be dynamically set using some python variables.

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This one doesn’t work too. Edited in original one but it just do nothing :wink:

Do you even call script with argument?
And python script IS working because I test it. As you can see systemd-run needs executable to run.

Probably not! :grin:
What I’ve done I’ve set path to your script in my zephyr reloaded skin…

Its grand. Used System.Exec instead :wink: