Remote working but doesn't turn on the android box

Hello, I have an old Nextbox A95X S905 and I installed latest available Coreelec for it but the remote didn’t work so I copied remote.conf file on the box and the remote started working when the box is powered on but when I turn off the box (I can turn it off with the remote) the remote can’t turn the box on. The only solution is to plug out and in the power cable. I tried all the remote.conf available od the internet and I get the same problem.

No, it’s no possible. Your IR wakeup code is missing in bootloader because of bad implementation by the vendor.

You only can buy a newer hardware where it’s working out of the box. Newer boxes do support inject_bl301 as well. Then you are also able to customize your individual IR wakeup code.

Alternatively, you can compile gxb_p201 u-boot from the Nougat or Pie sources by adding your wakeup code to the board config file. However, you have to delete the existing Android from the emmc.

Even tho it is working when I try to turn it on while android os is on the box?

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