Renaming movies

Since getting a new TV that supports HDR, i try and watch those versions if possible, and a lot of the new skins pull information about the movies from the file names, .HDR .DTS-HD etc etc
but my movies are all neatly named like aquaman (2018) with no extra information in the file name, is the a program that can rename my files by extracting the info from the file itself creating a proper file name, like aquaman (2018).HDR.DTS-HD.mkv



I have not used it for a long time but, IIRC, Ember Media Manager is able to do something like that. (Windows app)

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Thanks bud.

I’ll have a look.


I tried Ember, installed it on my windows pc, mapped the drives on my nas.

You need to edit your sources on CE, to get info from locally stored files

It took too long for me, so I gave up

Not ideal, but you could put all the HDR or UHD movies into one folder

@bubblegum57 : @matt77303 only needs the renaming functions in Ember, so there is nothing to change in CE.

Can’t work it out anyway. Lol.

@ozolli. so how would you edit the source in CE? To use Ember?

In CE you would select provider as IMDB etc or locally sourced info.

Or how would it pick up, the Ember info.

Perhaps, if you have time, you could write a guide on using Ember on CE

Well, I have not used it for at least 3 years and not using windows anymore.

I used Ember to populate the movie folder with images and write the nfo file and in kodi used Local info only to fetch them and update the db.

This is not difficult really but I have found that kodi itself has improved a lot in scrapers and hardly make any mistakes now.

You might consider using Bulk rename utility.
You can add a suffix to file names, so it might work for you. You would need to know what you want added to the file name. It can’t generate file names independently.
It does have a little bit of a learning curve, but it is really useful if you need to rename a lot of files.