Replacement for a WeChip G20 remote?


I’m looking to replace my WeChip G20 remote for my Odroid N2+.

Any suggestion for some other cheap mouse like such?

My remote It works good, except it seems to go to some sleep mode quite fast after use and I have to press some key at least 1-2 times “to wake it up” first, before a keypress is actually registered at the Odroid-Kodi. The light on the remote tells me, that it actually didnt sent out the earlier 1-2 keys.

The Device:
I like the design, slim with about 16 keys (10 would be sufficient) and just with a usb-receiver to be plugged in at the odroid, no config necessary.
But I wont need the IR-feature nor the “air-mouse with gyro”.

Here in another thread i found a pic of mine, dont know how to link it:


Any hints are welcome!

You can use any Infrared (IR) remote

For anything else, see here.

Personally, I am quite fond of the MX3 Air Mouse.

I’ve read translated posts that indicated that there are dat file to update firmware on these device (mine is the G20 BTS) but I have never been able to figure out where to download the utility that can send these. Maybe someone here has found that?

I consider the G20bts the best PVR remote, I like having more keys has a number pad for navigation.

Only when using this remote with Nvidia Shield (2015 and 2017). The firmware for the Shield has to be updated to at least version 8.x. Nvidia Shield added support for the G20 remote in 2019.

Thanks. On there does seem to be a standalone tool too and people post dat file firmware updates that must do what the Shield (and maybe Ugoos) boxes do.

The Shield firmware update simply includes the configuration for the remote, which was not included in the previous firmware. Nothing else. With CoreELEC, remote configuration files always can be added manually, or you can write your own config.


Yes in Android with the correct kernel keyboard file it works ok. In IR mode it can even control CE using the HK1 cfg. The main issue in LE/CE the enter key scan code is wrong (when the mouse is off) and I need to create a cfg that fixes this, but I’d like to load a newer firmware to see if it fixes this problem more permanently. Newer firmware might fix the OP’s problem too.

That’s a documented issue for Bluetooth remotes.

Ok I have other BT remotes that work fine I guess they are trying to maintain compatibility with the Shield’s bug.

Thanks for the link. As I got this device, seems like the issue i mentioned is only on mine - maybe it needs non-rechargeable batteries for higher voltage or similar.

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