Report about Amlogic S905X4 HK1 RBOX X4

Using this repo >> repository.castagnait-1.0.0 <<, I installed Netflix on my inexpensive Chinese box, HK1 RBOX X4 and now I can watch in 1080P with automatic framerate and resolution switching.

Thanks to the CoreELEC group, and castagnait, Netflix plays perfectly and with DD+ audio.


Installed the MLB addon for Baseball in the US, and it is playing in 1080P at 60fps… Awesome.

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Now the misery of watching my Arizona Diamondbacks can continue :smiley:

Just an FYI, and kudos to the CoreELEC group.

I have a HK1 RBOX X4 that uses the Amlogic S905X4, so thought I would give this a try. Bingo, it installs and plays perfectly.

I used a 64Gbit microSD card, and used Etcher to burn this version CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.5-Matrix_nightly_20220528-Generic.img.gz to the card. Then I used this DTB cs2_s905x4_ dtb.
I inserted the microSD card into my box, remove the power plug, then used a toothpick to depress the reset button inside the AV port. While depressing the reset button, I applied power, and bingo the CoreELEC logo popped up right away…

I installed the Kodi Backup addon then did a restore of one of my backups from another device (a little over 6gigs of data).

Ethernet and WIFI work, but the stock IR remote does NOT work, but that was expected. Also, the option to boot to emmc is missing, so have to remove the SD card to get back into the Android OS.

Still testing… Great job from the CoreELEC team getting this OS to run on the X4 devices.

Did you compile the DTB by yourself as it’s no generic included yet?

What DTB you used in this case?

Install to internal will not work like I said before because of the locked system.

I just use the device tree that was included in the generic firmware that I downloaded. No modifications at all.
Been running a 4K video for a couple of hours now and zero drop frames. Passes through the HD audio codec and shows the correct frame rate and resolution.

I wonder that the android DTB is working at all…
If you be able to test a bit I can try to setup a generic DTB for CoreELEC. And please share the Android DTB, thx

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How do I get the Android DTB?

You use the included X4 DTB, that’s why I am asking.
You should normally not be able to dump Android DTB because of it’s locked down system.
Please check if analog audio is working or not.

This the device tree that I used.

This is the device I am using.

Remote Controller Repository & Wiki

@clarkss12 please try these dtbs and report what does work and what does not work, thx.

To test with each single dtb:

  • All USB ports working or not?
  • Wifi working or not
  • Power down does work or do the device reboot after shutdown?

I tested all four of the images that you posted. NONE of them would work. As normal, I changed the image to dtb.img and replaced the existing one in the sd card. I tried just powering on the box with the newly inserted sd card with the new dtb.img, but never got the CoreELEC boot screen. Then I tried the tooth pick method by depressing the reset button inside the A/V hole, same thing, would not boot.

After testing all for of them, I used this original one and it booted straight from a power up…
The original one works >>> sc2_s905x4_ugoos_x4.dtb

These 4 will not boot up…

sc2_s905x4_4g_1gbit_v1 would not boot.

sc2_s905x4_4g_1gbit_v2 Would not boot

sc2_s905x4_4g_1gbit_v3 Would not boot

sc2_s905x4_4g_1gbit_v4 would not boot

Not sure if the dtb.xml file is causing the issue, perhaps I should have deleted that file… Or I have a lot of spare microSD cards, I could test from scratch.

Can the YouTube app in this box support 4k?

I took a different microSD card and using the same procedure of burning the CoreELEC image using “Etcher” to create the CoreELEC OS. Then I used this imagine file and used it as the dtb.img. sc2_s905x4_4g_1gbit_v4.dtb

Something, it would not boot.

YouTube installs, But, as usual, it requires an api… So, without that api, it does not work.

I also have the Mecool KM6 Deluxe, but since it has a looked bootloader, I never bothered to try CoreELEC, either from an sd card or internally.

Do you boot from uSD or USB?
If USB you have one USB memory device with LED? So you can check if there is 5V power on the USB port?