Amlogic S905X4

And as S905X4 is dead I will close this Thread.

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I’ve been waiting for Ugoos (due to their reputation) to release the X4 family devices using S905X4 (due to AV1 support), but now that those are out, it appears that S905X4 is dead and won’t be supported at all due to a locked video driver or something.

Now I’m a bit lost and would like to ask, what box / SoC with AV1 support should I look at, which is supported by CE? Any recommendations?

Get a SBC with S922 Soc, they can easily decode software the AV-1 format.

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As a CE user I want to appreciate team CE’s great work and efforts!
This is really good news! So maybe I will buy a S905X4 in the near future when my X96MP broke down :kissing_heart:

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I personally would not go with S905X4, it will come only with locked bootloader. So no internal install is possible at all. But booting from µSD and USB is possible.

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Will the coming x4 support generic x4 boxes?

Apparently the tanix x4 box comes pre rooted, so the bootloader should be unlocked.

Let’s see, step by step. This generation has more surprises but we’ll do what we always do and we expect that everything works as usual.

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This is very exciting. My current Tv box is the Mecool M8S Pro Amlogic S912 with android TV 7 and I like the TV version android for YouTube. So I’m running CE from the SD card and whenever I want to watch from YouTube , I switch to android tv.

So once the CE for S905X4 is release, I am thinking of getting the Mecool KM6 Deluxe as it is running on Android TV 10 and have widevine L1 so I can still use app like Hulu, Peacock and run CE off SD or USB. Ugoos makes great hardware but it runs normal android which I don’t like for tv application.

Is there any downside for running CE from USB or SD card?

Which image to use, which dtb? And remote.conf files, VFD etc?

For now only Ugoos AM7 and X4 are available for test in nightly builds.
You can try cs2_s905x4_ dtb’s with your box. May be something will be working.

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The is a Kodi plugin for YouTube. Occasional it breaks but mostly it runs well. A bit tricky to setup initially because you need to get keys from Google.

I did try the YouTube plugin but couldn’t get it to work. Give up eventually. Still switching back and forth between android tv and CE for now

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Now that Coreelec supports S905x4 devices I’d be interested in getting it working on my Verizon Stream TV gen 2 (Askey sti6220D315). Verizon is giving them out free with new FIOS subscriptions so there are a lot of these boxes out there for cheap.

If you hold the big button on top of the box when powering up it goes to recovery- other than that I haven’t been able to get very far with it. If you connect it to a PC via the USB C port ADB works. I was fooling around with adbGUI but was unable to root.

I haven’t been able to get Coreelec to boot. I don’t care about losing the stock Android TV install.

Do we know if any new amlogic chips are coming soon that support VVC/H.266? That codec was ratified just over 2yrs ago now. I was hoping that new chips would be available by now that could hardware decode it.