Report about Amlogic S905X4 HK1 RBOX X4

Hi. Anyone can check if the device can be wake up from HDMI CEC command selecting source in the TV?

I replay myself.
To continue using HDMI CEC you have to “Suspend” the device instead of “Power off”.

Yesterday I received my Vontar X4 4Gb/32Gb unit.
I was doing several tests.
I leave some comments that may be useful to several users:

  • The CE 21 NG aarch64 nightly version works well, I expect the wifi that it is slow.
  • To make the Wi-Fi work at maximum speed, you must paste these files into the \storage.config\firmware\brcm folder and then restart the computer.
    wifi.rar - MegaUp
    After restarting it connects to 433. The transfer speed tested in iperf3 is around 27-28MB (220 Mbits/sec), enough for UHD movies. (Couldn’t this be included in the usual CE builds? )
  • Installation to the EMMC can be done using the CE team tool
  • The CE 21 NO aarch64 version nightly wifi does not work.

also experience that.
just last week moved from ng to ne (fresh install)
and with some files getting image stutters
the last video was with DD+ audio

in Audio configure pass-throw
my AVR is old and support only DD and DTS

Additional Information:

trying to play with debug and I getting in the log this lines:

2024-04-02 09:14:59.076 T:2756    debug <general>: CVideoPlayer::ProcessVideoData size:94924 dts:309.400 pts:309.600 dur:40.000ms, clock:301.096 level:96
2024-04-02 09:14:59.077 T:2756    debug <general>: CVideoPlayer::ProcessVideoData size:56384 dts:309.440 pts:309.520 dur:40.000ms, clock:301.097 level:97
2024-04-02 09:14:59.077 T:2756    debug <general>: CVideoPlayer::ProcessVideoData size:48934 dts:309.480 pts:309.480 dur:40.000ms, clock:301.097 level:97
2024-04-02 09:14:59.077 T:2756    debug <general>: CVideoPlayer::ProcessVideoData size:47491 dts:309.520 pts:309.560 dur:40.000ms, clock:301.097 level:98
2024-04-02 09:14:59.079 T:2759    debug <general>: CVideoPlayerVideo::OutputPicture - ttd:341ms pts:301.440 Clock:301.099 Level:6
2024-04-02 09:14:59.119 T:2760    debug <general>: CAEStreamParser::TrySyncAC3 - Unexpected stream type: 0 (wantEAC3dependent: true)
2024-04-02 09:14:59.130 T:2759    debug <general>: CVideoPlayerVideo::OutputPicture - ttd:380ms pts:301.480 Clock:301.100 Level:6
2024-04-02 09:14:59.169 T:2760    debug <general>: CAEStreamParser::TrySyncAC3 - Unexpected stream type: 0 (wantEAC3dependent: true)
2024-04-02 09:14:59.171 T:2759     info <general>: Skipped 1 duplicate messages..

don’t you mean 21 NE? :thinking:

Sorry i mean CE 21-NO (new order).
But when i tested wifi didn’t work

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how do we move to version 21, when version 20 is installed on emmc

when I choose manual update, in the channels, I only have access to kodi 19 and 20

Just to say thank you for the correct baud rate!

It also works for Amlogic S905W2 boxes. I was getting gibberish text before trying your tip.

compared to the coreelec22 announcement, this box will be able to officially go there?

amlogic S905X4 is good to go

has anyone tested nightly New Order builds with CE22 branch? I tested some time ago, about 2 months ago but wifi didn’t work.

Box is currently in the Field (Friends/Family)

Depending on age of your box/ versions of wifi/bluetooth chipset.


There is no driver for bcm 4335 wifi in New Order kernel 5.15.119

Ethernet n Bluetooth will work.
At least they were working awhile ago before CoreELEC 22 NO

Currently box is using NE kernel 5.4.210

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I bought this tv bx received yesterday. I want to use with emuelec or Corelec but temperature is 70º with cpu temp is normal?
Where can i download the dtb for emulec for this for the version 4GB 128GB version?

Follow the link
Right above your post

Is triple boot on Hk1x4 S905X4

OK for Vontar could be enough with for my Vontar Amlogic Hk1Box S905 X4, 4g 128ROM.
Wh say the roms is installed in internal memory and not in The SD?

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Was just about to post about the heat on these. I grabbed one in January, and it runs hot. Other day checked and it was 83’C… and all I was doing was scanning for new content. Popped the top off and immediately dropped under 60’C. The vents on the corners are barely there and the plastic is very thick and dense. I was going to make a new case with a fan, but then saw this on sale for $18CAD and well, fan was around $12-15CAD alone so, made sense just to grab this instead. I guess now some S905x4’s come in either the HK1 style box or this new one with the fan, or can just buy the empty box. They have another one too, just a box with fan, which I wanted more because more space for better heat sinks, but given how much the heat dropped just with the lid off, I figured the nicer looking one will be fine.