Report about Amlogic S905X4 HK1 RBOX X4

Cool … :).

I just wanted to “associate” turning on/off the TV-Box with turning on/off the fan (USB).
If it’s not possible or very difficult… well… I’ll have to resign myself. It’s not that dramatic either, but next time prehaps I will ask before buying (for a TV-Box that power off USB, like X96 Max alternatives).

Anyway, I bought the Vontar X4 (4/64, Gigabit ethernet) for only €27.28… so… not a bad business at all :rofl: :rofl:

Where do they sell it so cheap? :wink: I might get another one! :blush:

It was on “VONTAR Official Store”, only during some hours some weeks ago.
When I bought (at that price) it I had doubts about if this would arrive or not… but it arrived :rofl:

Normally the price (4/64/Gigabit Ethernet) is around 45-50 €.

If the USB turns off when you turn off the TV-box, it would be almost perfect :wink:

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  • Buy one of these (available for 40-45-50-55 degrees)
  • Place it at the radiator
  • At its 2 wires,

    place some extension wires, which you can take out through the bottom holes of your TVbox
  • “Brake” the continuity of one of the 2 cables that come out from the USB port you have connected the fan (either the black one or the red one - it doesn’t matter which)
  • After this mod your fan will start at the specified temperature and it will stop also at the same temperature (automatically-nothing has to be done by you). According to my expererience it is better to buy one for 40 degrees. The cost is about 0,50-0,60 euros. You should buy type (NO) (Normally Open)


It seems like a fantastic solution for someone handy. It’s not my case :sleepy: . At the software level I handle myself in a more or less acceptable way, but handling hardware… I’m a disaster.
My hands are like having two left feet.

For someone who is good manipulating hardware, cables, etc., it looks like a fantastic solution.

Kind regards

Believe me it is not difficult to do (no soldering required, only to glue (hot glue) it at the radiator)…but I understand your fear.
The next best option is to use what was already suggested to you,

by someone else. That is to use a smart wifi plug. So you can enable/disable it from far away.
Kind regards

hello I am new here and trying to install emuelec on transpeed x4 but recieve massage"failed to start debug-shell services" Can you help me with this

I know nothing about emuelec so can’t help.

I don’t know for certain, but the s905x4 probably isn’t supported by emuelec.

Can you helped me install it. I Tried the last version but not successed. Are there some special configuration settings to do?

See what Shanti Gilbert replied on Discord to a user who had the same problem: “First, try that another SD card, those errors are usually a bad sd flash.