Repository for AmRemote & Meson IR Remote Controllers

Thank you. Updated existing package.

Hello. I am giving here a link to remote.conf working with X96 max +.

Thanks, but please read this, Repository for Amlogic & Meson IR Remote Controllers

On how to contribute remote files

Please read the rules before posting.

Added Minix Z64A to Amlogic.

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I did a ir-keymap for MagicSee N5 Plus.
Can’t upload but can use my server:

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I have uploaded this to the Exchange folder Betatester setup for me.


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Added MagicSee N5 Plus to Meson_IR. Thank you @hamsterbacke

remote.conf for Ugoos AM6 plus

Ugoos AM6 (381 Bytes)

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Thank you.

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remote.conf for Venz V10 Pro

Venz V10 (1.3 KB)

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Added Ugoos AM6 plus and Venz V10 Pro to Amlogic. Thank you @Maat236.

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It’s the least I could do since I own both devices.
Thank you, for all the effort and great work!

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Added Tictid TX6 Plus to Meson IR.

Added Minix Neo T5 to Amlogic

Added MXR 4K to Meson_IR thanks to Hansie.

Hello, I put this remote.cong into configfiles but it is not working. Do I miss something? (X96 max plus 4GB 32)

you mean remote.conF then reboot

Of course I rebooted! Its not working

Try the meson one instead. The one for the X96 Air might work.