[Req] Multiple audio output

My wife is hearing impaired. To watch with me, she will either need to use her hearing aid but prefers headphones. Unfortunately, when using HDMI to connect to my amp none of the devices in the playback chain will allow the connection of a headphone without deactivating speaker output. And when plugging the headphone directly into the TV and sound is 5.1 it is not downmixed.

So I’m asking if this project for Dual Audio Output could be incorporated into CoreELEC: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=192480
GitHub - xhbl/Kodi_dualaudio: Kodi Dual Audio Project Repository

As it stands, the developer already provides patches for Nexus and LibreELEC so I’m cautiously optmistic that it could be imported without too many modifications, maybe even for Omega Alpha.

Anyway, thanks in advance for looking into it!

Sorry, I accidentally linked an unrelated Kodi forum thread, corrected now. Would really be grateful for consideration.

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