Request to add kodi bugfix to nightly image

Please feel free to correct me if I am posting this in the wrong place.
About a year ago I discovered a bug where hidden items would not be hidden depending on how you entered and exited the menu. It only happens when a mysql database is being used.
I created a bug with Kodi, and it has finally been fixed there. The fix should be released in kodi 18.5.

I would like to ask that the fix be added to the nightly coreelec build for testing over here.

Here is a video of the bug in action:

Rather than rewriting the whole bug, here is the thread on the issue:

They said, " PRs to master that fix this issue are #16804 (that reverts 14810), and #16848 (which corrects #16805 should their build alreday have that)."

Can this be included please?

Nightlies was recently bumped to the latest Kodi version so this fix should now be included.