Resolution setting


I have a new 4k TV.
Minix connected to home cinema by hdmi and from there to the tv
Just like the old tv

But i have a question about the screen resolution setting of Coreelec.

It is set to 3840 x 2160 60hz en withelist are select 3840 x 2160 60hz and 50 hz.
Works wel but when i stop playing media and its go back to the kodi menu, i have a Deformed and
Blurry screen.
When i select a other input on the home cinema and than go Back to minix screen is Back to normal.

Can i change some settings so the screen is always like it have to be

not exactly the same behaviour but very similar on my odroid n2.
when i select 4k as menu resolution, i have serious problems playing back any video stream (even 4k streams).
when i switch back to 1080p resolution for kodi, i can easily playback streams (no matter if 4k, 1080p etc.)

But when you select 1080p a it is not really Meaningful you use a 4k stream you only get 1080p resolution on your tv.
But i have not problems with 4k content is plays well with minix u9.
Also the home cinema can passthrough 4k resolutions to the tv
Only to go back to kodi menu when i stop playing The screen is deformed. Select other source in the avr (onkyo) and Back to minix source and screen is back to normal
I don’t have this issue with the old tv but that was only 1080p resolution

I think there’s a lot of confusion here, if you set gui to 1080p you’ll play videos at 4k. It won’t force 1080p! Please refer to this to set Kodi properly:

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But I am not sure on this tv.
But on my old tv when disabled whitelist a lot of movies play at 24hz and on action scenes you can see it is not really Flowing
so i use withelist to be sure i have 50 our 60 hz and never had anny issues.
On my old tv i get information about the hz of the source on this new one i didn’t find yet the information of the hz of the source
But maybe i have to try to set gui to 1080p and to other settings you give and see what happens

For the question of corrupted GUI in 4k resolution you can check this topic and see that the question is being addressed and hopefully solved in the near future:

So if i understand the post right…
Probably on one of the next updates this problem should be solved

Anyway thanks to the Coreelec developers!
Many manufacturers should be take an example of Coreelec.
My original rom of minix have still some issue with kodi and for more than a year no updates anymore
So i mainly use Coreelec on my device and only original rom for some Android apps

Just tested it and If i change it to to 1080p and play a 4k movie.
The tv gets only a 1080 signal…

Did you deselect all of whitelist options?

I disabled the withelist and you are right now it changing to 4k and 1080p…
Now trying of the is problem is gone…
Just not sure off i have 60hz now

But on first sight everything looks good if not i let you now :wink:

Glad to know. You’re welcome, we’re here to help!

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that finally solved my problem! i have a 4k tv which can handle 60hz, but that was never selected. when i whitelisted that, i was able to select it. now my menu is also in 4k and when i play a movie, it does not stutter like before. now i only need a fix for the wierd IR problems (remote -> cec -> kodi).

thanks thanks thanks!

So you disable everything at withelist?
And now you tv receive 60hz signal?

“disable everything” sounds wrong because nothing was initial selected. i enabled only the 4k resolution with 60hz now.
i never had any problem playing 4k movies, as long as i did not change the gui (menu) resolution to something else than 1080p. when i changed the menu resolution to 4k (to be able to see the clock in the upper right, all items on the very left etc.) it was like when the player plays a bit too slow, then a bit too fast, then again too slow, again too fast.

i checked the signal from my marantz when it was stuttering what information it has about the signal, and it was @24hz or something like that. so i guess kodi just took that 4096 instead of 3860, and then some wierd incompatibility happened.

It’s not wrong. When you use the whitelist, it will only switch to a resolution/refresh rate that is whitelisted. So 4K@24FPS video will most likely not switch at all if your GUI is at 1080P.

I dont understand that. My english is too bad. Can you explain that?

Kodi will switch to the correct resolution only if the video resolution and refresh rate matches one of the whitelisted options.

hm, maybe i should investigate in this a little bit. i checked the online page of the TV i have, and it says 3840*2160@60hz. but the signal my avr got was @24hz

But why i should just not select all 4k an 1080p 50 and 60 hz resolutions?
So i am sure the tv got 50 our 60 hz for all movies.
When nothing select wich hz will it use?