Resolution switching problems

Hi all,

First off hardware list.

S912 mecool m8s pro l, corelec on SD card.
This is wired into my
onkyo tx nr686 receiver which sends video to
Lg c9

Originally, I had the box wired to the TV and audio routed via ARC. Video was fine like this but some ARC did weird things with certain soundtracks.

Now I have the box wired to the receiver, the receiver plays all audio correctly. However, the box, the receiver and the TV are not playing nice with video.

Sometimes the UI gives no signal on the TV.
Sometimes video files report no signal on the TV.

If I use kore app on the phone to mess about playing different video files, the TV will display correctly.

I can then go back to whatever I was trying to watch originally and it will work ok.

The receiver ‘should’ pass everything through, it looks like it only does when it can be arsed!

I’ve tried messing with the delay setting on resolution change but not had much luck.

A reboot normally fixes things, the box runs 24/7 as I am sharing Freeview across the network with tvheadend and an Xbox one tuner.

Any other suggestions?

Apologies if posted in incorrect section.



Yes, get a HDMI splitter with one input and two outputs, separate for TV and receiver.

Nah there’s an idea…I didn’t realise they were a thing…mind you, I never looked! I’ll look into that

Edit: don’t think it’s gonna be that simple :frowning:

Don’t look at cheap crap, look at something like this


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