Restart Kodi via Shutdown menu doesn't work

Hardware: Akaso HM8, 1GB, S905X
CE Version: 8.95.7

I just tried to restart Kodi via the shutdown menu, normally I do systemctl restart kodivia ssh. By chance I found the entry in shutdown menu, tried it but it doesn’t work for me. Screen freezes, ssh acess still possible. Seems like sth. cannot exit so restart can’t be performed but not sure what stops from restart. Here are kodi and sys log.

This is likely caused by one of your add-ons. I’d suggest starting with a clean install and adding them one by one.

Just tried it with a fresh flashed image, same behavior. Screen freezes, no restart of kodi is performed.

This was reported by one of our devs. We are trying to find the cause.

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