Restore CoreELEC changes to the boot process

I have a problem to get back factory settings of an android box.

I booted the wrong usb stick. Instead of booting a linux on a usb stick i booted a CE stick for the first time on that box and it changed the boot process/behaviour.

Now the box boots the CE stick just when it is plugged in, but i am not able to boot the linux stick anymore. I tried normal boot with linux stick plugged in and also toothpick method. I am not able to boot that linux anymore.

How can i reset the changes my CE boot caused to the bootloader or u-boot. What is CoreELEC exactly changing after a boot from usb stick?

I had this issue when changing between coreelec and another OS even though both OSs were on a SD card. The only way I was able to fix it was to reflash the stock firmware onto the box using the USB burning tool.

I hope i can avoid a reflash of the stock firmware.
I hope that CoreELEC created a backup of the bootloader before the change, so i can use that backup to restore the original bootloader from a booted CoreELEC usb media.

Question is where can i find this backup, if CoreELEC created it?
In case CoreELEC has not created such a backup, i think it is a good idea to do it in future releases or at least give a warning that after a CoreELEC boot media is used most other OS boot media will not work anymore.

Put this file on CE USB stick (replace existing one) and use the first time boot procedure. Does it help or not?

aml_autoscript (101 Bytes)

File based on this aml_autoscript.src content:

run storeargs
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Amazing this is the solution i was hoping for.

Worked perfectly. I just had to plug in my CE 20.3 stick with your modified aml_autoscript. No toothpick method boot then nothing happens and ending up in android recovery.

This modified aml_autoscript should be added anywhere in the wiki as a solution to prepare an android box with CE to boot other OS boot media again.

Thanks a lot vpeter

Can you boot other distribution now?

Yes, i can boot other distributions again now

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