Restore .tar to different device?

I have an N2, and on the way a ugoos X2 which I believe has an S905X2. Am I ok to restore a backup from the N2 to the ugoos?

I ask because I see that they take a different image at the initial install. Didn’t know if that would cause issues with the restore?

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Yes, you could restore N2 backup on any -ng device.

Prefect thanks a lot man. Appreciate the quick response.

It failed when I tried to backup the X2 with the N2 .tar. But I already did it so no big deal (manually).

But now have a C4 on the way and hoping to just copy the N2 image to the C4, in theory this should work?

This topic has already been answered. Try yourself.

It’s my topic. Did you read it? I did try and it didn’t work.

CoreELEC backups save the contents of three system directories:


If any of these directories have hardware-dependent configurations, recovering the backup to another device may have problems. The only way to find out is to try it yourself.

Do you understand what I say?

I think it’s a language barrier. He means you can try to restore it manually (by hand).

I use a N2 and a C4 and have restored the N2-backup several times to the C4.
No problem. All libraries, addons, settings etc were restored on C4 correctly.

Thank you thats good to know!

Worked great on my new C4! Wish it was this easy on Kodi for Android.