RetroArch Kodi add-on for CoreELEC

Thanks very much! :nerd_face:

Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you

RetroArch v1.13.0 has been released! :nerd_face:

v1.6.0 available here or through updater.

  • Added ‘Boot to RetroArch’ feature in settings
  • Added brand new core: ScummVM mainline (in sync with ScummVM official releases, updated to v2.6.1)
  • Updated RetroArch to 1.13.0
  • Updated all cores and packages to latest
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Thanks so much for this! :smiley:

OMG - v1.14 of Retroarch has been released RetroArch 1.14.0 release – Libretro

They really seem to be updating it quite often now.

v1.6.1 available here or through updater.

  • Updated RetroArch to 1.14.0
  • Updated ScummVM mainline (added virtual keyboard and D-pad cursor acceleration time setting)
  • Added system shutdown/reboot from RetroArch
  • Added setting to force SMB protocol version for roms remote path mount
  • Dropped setting to stop Kodi on Retroarch start (default now)

Fantastic work! Thanks ever so much. :nerd_face:

Thanks very much for this great add-on!
Is there a chance to add the dolphin emulator?

Nope, dolphin is not available for 32bit platforms.
Only way to run on CoreELEC is to use some dirt hack like this.

Understood. Thanks for the reply.

Is there a ne version in the works? I currently use the ng version on my Le Potato and I’m very happy with it.

Recently I bought a S905X4 device than runs on the ne kernel.

Amlogic-ne options file have same TARGET_CPU and OPENGLES as Amlogic-ng, so I think ng releases should work also with ne.
Not sure if any adjustment needs to be made or ng release is working exactly the same, I don’t have any ne device to test so I couldn’t say.

You may test and let me know how it goes, along with logs in case of issues.

I’ve just discovered this add-on. I’m currently using CE 20.0 on S922X device and the built-in Kodi Retroplayer for gaming.

How does this work? Does it quit Kodi and run standalone Retroarch? And then re-run Kodi upon Retroarch quit?

What can I expect from this add-on compared to the built-in Retroplayer? Working GL cores? Working shaders? Better performance?

Anybody has an experience with Dolphin on S922X? Is it powerful enough?

Thank you.



It’s the performance that you can achieve with your hardware running coreelec. I guess you should just test it and see…

Will not work with coreelec, search in this thread why

v1.6.2 available here or through updater.

  • Cores updated per latest Lakka
  • Fixed MelonDS core
  • ScummVM core:
    • Drop ScummVM_mainline as it has replaced the legacy ScummVM core now
    • Update ScummVM to v2.7.0
    • Add cloud saving feature. By default the entire retroarch saves folder will be syncronized, which may be a plus considering that this feature is currently not available in retroarch.
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How can I install a PSP emulator (PPSSPP) for the nternet archive game launcher in Coreelec? PS1 games are working.

PPSSPP is included in this addon and working, but you must provide ROMs same as stand alone retroarch. You can copy ROMs to the device, use an external device or set up a remote location as explained here.

A separate PPSSPP emulator only for Coreelec is not available? Then you could just use the nternet archive game launcher.

Then you could just use the nternet archive

This is out of the scope of this addon, which does not include any illegal content or links to that.
Said this, each core can be accessed directly trough command line as per retroarch documentation.