Retroplayer S912

Yes N64 works, but again since the S9XX boxes are limited in power not all games run at 60FPS

@matt77303 Yes, I did. And then, what comes next? :slight_smile:
Up to now I tried with standalone games (e.g., the bomberman clone) without success. I installed internet archive rom launcher (IARL) and again, I was not able to run a single game (tips on configuration for S905 are welcome).
I’d stick on arcade emulation (mame basically), as most of the old roms are quite small and the emulation should be optimal even on the S905.
When I was on the odroid C1 I had a dedicated microsd with Lakka and worked like a charm on the good old S805, so performance on arcade from the eighties/early nineties should not be a prob.

@K4yl0rd you need to change some settings in IARL.

I’ll have a look when I get home.

Or you can just copy some Roms to the box via samba, add the folder via media sources and then just select the rom and it should pop up and ask which emulator you wish to install.


Using the method from Freeaktab with libreelec 8.2, psp emulation works within retroarch on s905x (with ppsspp_libretro). Not all games work but many are without a problem.


You need to go into IARL settings and change my system type to

Libreelec Sx05RE



any updates on the add-on bud?


Nope, just that setting is not sufficient to lunch games on my odroid C2. If I start a wizard setup IARL asks me for the retroarch path (which I don’t have, I suppose) ; i don’t know if it’s a mandatory prerequisite. Anyway, Tried with the good old Atari 2600 (yeah, I’m a romantic), selecting a rom I get the emulator selection screen. I choose ‘Atari - 2600 (Stella)’ as it is referred as “installed”. Then I simply get a dump/freeze and the C2 restarts into CE. If anyone could Point me to a good explanation on how to catch kodi/CE dumps I would be grateful. I Tried taking a look at the Kodi log but I’ve seen nothing relevant so far.


That would be great, I was using the retroarch-emustation from freaktab in LE8, but in Coreelec it stop working, I have a 905x box and trying retro player didn’t work on any emulator, but retroarch-emustation do work, I hope you can do something similar for Coreelec.

Still working on this, I’ve tried it already and its working, but still need to find a way to set it up as an add-on :slight_smile:


Hi Shanti, any update on this task? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the lack of updates on this, I am still working on it, but also RL work has gotten in the way :frowning:

But I am at a point where I can release a test this week, but there are a few minor things I am still not happy about (mostly controller issues).


Awesome. was about to ask too.
Don’t feel rushed, it’s just good to know you’re still working on it :+1:

I have a test version for s905 and I am compiling one for S912. The only bad news is that PPSSPP does not work for s912, but it works fine for S905.

I will give you the links after it finish compiling and uploading.


Great news. Of course, ppsspp will be available for 905 despite not working in 912?

Yes PSP works on the S905, but we got to remember the power is not that impressive, so many games will not run at full speed.

i ran into a problem with the S912 that I am trying to figure out before I upload, my main device is a S905 so I mainly do all the work for that, so somethings have to change for the S912.

I know that many games do not work, but those that interest my kids work properly. Ever since the version of the “EminenceMod” skin for Kodi 18 was created, only the lack of ppsspp keeps me at Libreelec.

Here is the test release, one for the s905 and one for the S912, please make sure to read the text in the link.


Thanks for your work, already downloading.
Isn’t that possible to distribute this as addon(s)?

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That’s awesome,
I’ve tried (s912) NES, GENESIS, SNES, PSX, N64 works flawless, except I’ve spend a lot of time configuring gamepads.
PSX emulation is faster than on RPi 2 – I haven’t seen any lags.

It is possible but I really don’t know how to make a working add-on for this, as it has a lot of extra needed files. But I will look into it.

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