Return to version 8.99.1

Guys, how can I get back to EC version 8.99.1 having updated to the latest build?
On my Wetek Play 2, I saw much more responsiveness than the DVB-T2

I have not done this specific downgrade but downgrading is the same as upgrading in most cases. Since the kodi version is 18 in both of them you can try “upgrading” to 8.99.1. But take a full coreelec backup before you try it.

there is no longer the complete build to download …

Alpha/Beta/RC versions are no longer available, I would strongly discourage staying on older versions as they have other problems, if you have a problem then why not tell us about it instead so we can address the issue and help others in the process? it seems like the more logical thing to do would you not agree?

I see. This is very annoying. I don’t know why the developers are so quick to remove the older versions. I also had a similar problem once and I was quite annoyed not to find the older version.

I have already written another post, about the problems encountered, here I asked for a possible downgrade;)

I can understand what your thought process is. But, I think it would be good idea to keep at least a couple of months worth of older releases so that people can go back to the releases that were working for them in case the newer release has problems.

You can put a disclaimer: “Don’t ask for help if you are on a version lower than so and so version.” Newer versions have different problems from older versions. Some problems might be significant to you but they are insignificant to others and vice versa.

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And who’s paying for all the hosting expenses of those builds :wink:

If you have S912 and you can trust a stranger on the internet, I can upload 8.99.1 tar file somewhere and share the link with you. But, you will have to wait quite a while as I have dsl and the upload speeds are horrible.

The reason I keep old versions is because I have been burned like you before. I upgraded and had problems and could not go back. Now, I keep a copy of all the tar files I install in my downloads folder.

I did not know that you had to pay for hosting on github. I thought it was free for open source projects. How does it work?

You can also rebuild every older release from source. But addons are not compatible. It’s really not worth it.

There is a limit I don’t know if they enforce it. But it’s now Microsoft so they might :wink:

No, I have a wetek play 2, so S905

Sorry, you are out of luck.

Till that time, you can keep the older releases.

The old builds did not contain the final version of Kodi and that is why they are deleted.

They also do not work with the addons repository so you would be unable to install tvheadend or any other PVR addons so there really is no reason to install them.

All 9.x releases will be archived.

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Great to hear that in the future we will not run into this issue. It was quite annoying to not be able to go back to a working build.

We will not stay on GH hosting. We will use our own hosting.

Why would alpha/beta versions be saved?

It’s very easy to save a personal copy in case you are that attached to a certain build, and don’t want to contribute to making coreelec better for whatever reason not clear to me.

I dont think it’s ‘fair’ to ask a big pile of releases being kept just for the convenience of the few.

Just my 2 cts.

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This product was in beta/alpha for 8-9 months. The build he is asking for is only one month old. And there is no “stable” release before this. If he had known that he would have problems he would not have upgraded. He is having problems so wants to go back to something which was working.

I had the same issue previously, so I can fully understand his frustration. Almost every other ELEC beginning from OpenELEC has a facility to go back to previous version so I was surprised to find older versions missing.

I keep my old versions with me for this scenario, although learning after being burned. OP had been burned so he will also keep old versions which he is “attached” to in the future.