Roon bridge and CoreElec

Hello, magicians

GT-King Pro CE9.2.2 @ internal

I’m trying to setup Roon end.point via Roon bridge and, as far as I can understand, they have bridge install scripts for armv7/v8, which applies to my little box (am I wrong?):

But, I have encountered a dumb problem, while SSHing to my device using putty and trying to istall the script, it errors because it needs to be run as a root, but as far as I can understand CoreElec is roo-always, well sudo command informs it as such…

Any ideas how to overcome this and even better any experience running roon bridge on coreelec ? I’ve seen the docker thread, but I have no experience with dockers and the git page is lacking any info about using the image after pulling it, meh.?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

I’m not familiar with Roon, but the system partition in CoreELEC is read only, maybe that is why it fails.
Try installing to a directory in /storage if that’s possible.