FYI: rsync used to be binary in (CoreELEC addons), it seems no longer so.
Consider adding it back (in virtual.system-tools is fine too).
Thanks and congratulations for CoreELEC.

Are you sure it is missing? Try to log out and log in again.

LibreELEC:~ # find /storage/.kodi/addons/ -name rsync

CoreELEC:~ # /storage/.kodi/addons/
-sh: /storage/.kodi/addons/ not found

CoreELEC:~ # /storage/.kodi/addons/
-sh: /storage/.kodi/addons/ not found

@vpeter I think @Ray added it to our images so you don’t need to install any addon.

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Yes it’s in /usr/bin/rsync now


Since LibreELEC never had rsync as far as I know, I would just use scp to transfer files over. Same syntax. It would be nice to have rsync though!


rsync is there, and built into the image, read the post above.

Its already built into our images :exploding_head:

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