S905B and CE 19.4

Has the board based on S905B/1GB a chance to work under the CE19.4?
It’s some Ferguson Ariva 4K device (not interrested to have the tuner working).
What the device tree file should I use for this?

S905B is legacy (9.x) and unsupported under -ng (CoreELEC 19.x)

Gotcha, thanks.
I have searched for S905B instead of just S905 without the suffix letter.

So one more question.
The fact that Netflix/Leia has stopped to display the streams (MRL error) despite the Widevine update, is due to outdated add-on? If it is, is there any chance for update of it - or I should forget about S905/Leia and upgrade the hardware to be CE19 compatible?

S905/Leia are officially abandoned so i would go for the latter

Considering the relatively competitive prices of Android Set Top Boxes with SoC S905X2 and S905X3, combined with the fact that our legacy build is EOL, it would be a more favorable long term investment going with the hardware upgrade.

S905X2 or X3 is better than S922X from CE point of view?
Odroid N2+ is not one of the best options I can choose?

However, I would be grateful for confirmation that the problem with Netflix (since yesterday) is due to changes on the streamer’s side and the lack of a proper update of the add-on - or it might be something else?
I understand that it is worth changing the box to a newer one, but it is still not 5 minutes.

Look here how guys fixed this error on Rpi3 / Kodi 18.9 Leia / Netflix 1.12.8. You can tray if it works for you

@Sholander, thank’s for pointing to this. It works!

If anyone will be able to help me telling which chipset or board seems be optimal for newer CE - it would be great. Thx in advance :-).

If you want to go for an N2(+) I certainly will not argue with that. You will receive bang for the buck.

I went for N2+ 4gb and I am happy with it. (4gb overkill for sure if not planing on running more services) I used NUC i3 Haswell and the N2+ in my case use this is pretty awesome.

@nuc-ce That’s an answer for my next question :-). I plan using the board for the player purposes only. So I won’t get any advantages buying 4G instead of 2G? I’ve 2G boards much easier accessible from my local market.

@Betatester , no difference in case of player if I go into S905X2 or X3 or S922X?
And also the question regarding the Widevine L1, is there some chance for it with any CE box?

Just as a player 2Gb is more than enough

SoC S922X has great video playback and is supported by Team CoreELEC. Runner up would be SoC S905X3. For X3 I would recommend a device similar to the Magicsee N5 Max.

DRM L1 is hardware and has to be build into the box. Examples are the Nvidia Shield or Amazon Firestick. CoreELEC uses Widevine DRM which is software L3, meaning 1080p is the maximum resolution for DRM playback under CoreELEC.

I know the DRM dependencies. I thought that maybe some new player has appeared on the market, except Nvidia or Firestick (and Chinese boxes with dying stolen licences).

So it seems I know everything now.
Thank you Everyone for your help!
I will probably come back when I get a new box :-).

Is this possible to run both Tvheadend client and server on the N2/CE19 (with the dvbt stick attached to the board)?
Using S905B I had a problem with the setup like that. And I had to run the server with stick on another device. It would be nice to have everything integrated within the one box.

Hint: There is no S905B, it is S905 chip rev.B (GXBB)

The name S905-B is literally used by the manufacturer of my box, so I used the same name.
But thanks for pointing out, I was surprised to see many different suffixes but not “B”. So now I know why :-).

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