S905D CPU Temperature?

Hi everyone. I finally decided to take @anon88919003 advice and bought a better S905 device (although my Chinese GooBang Doo S905 works just fine; just that annoying MAC address issue for ethernet) and picked up a MECool KI PRO S905D 2G/16G unit. While not blazingly faster than my S905 it is noticeably faster in some aspects (enough to warrant the purchase.)

One thing that concerns me (oh, running 8.99.2 btw on both) is the CPU temperature. On my S905, I’ve never seen it go above 60C whereas this S905D I’ve seen it as high as 81C.

I can only assume it’s passively cooled like my S905 is (haven’t opened it up) but I’m guessing either a poor thermal paste or tiny heatsink compared to my S905. I may break down and buy some arctic silver and repaste it but I’m wondering if perhaps this is normal for this chip?

Other than this concern, I’m quite pleased with the box.

Your temperature runs too high.
When you open the box to improve passive cooling, your biggest problem will be removing old cpu cooler glued to the processor. It takes at least 10 minutes of twisting it left-right until it starts coming off (watch it on youtube). I have done this twice, and don’ think I’m ready for a third attempt :slight_smile:
Applying a better cooling paste is not enough. You need to find a bigger cooler (biggest that fits) and drill some holes in casing to improve air flow.

Watched it idle down to 69C earlier today. During playback/boot it reaches 80-ish. Will probably hack together a USB fan and ventilate the case cover somehow.

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Noctua makes a 40x10mm (1.5in x 0.39in) fan and includes a USB power adapter :slight_smile:


Looks to be the ticket here. Combined with arctic silver, should do the trick.

Yes, if you drill some holes and manage to get the cooler off… As I said, if it is glued to the processor (very often the solution in chinese boxes) it’s not easy to get it off.

Hi, new on CoreElec.
My box has a S905D, I would like to monitor the temperature of this S905D CPU, how should I proceed ?
A dedicated apk would be convenient !

You can check the temperature of the S905D in CE.
See Setttings/Information.

CoreELEC isn’t Android, there are no APKs. As suggested above, the quickest and simplest way to check the temperature is from the Settings–>Information screen in Kodi.