S905w openpli

Plzz help ! I’m getting errors when executing these commands.

  1. sudo apt-get install sed wget cvs subversion git-core \ coreutils unzip texi2html texinfo docbook-utils \ gawk python-pysqlite2 diffstat help2man make gcc build-essential g++ \ desktop-file-utils chrpath default-jre gettext zip libssl-dev

  2. git clone -b master https://github.com/OpenPLi/openpli-oe-core.git

  3. cd openpli-oe-core

  4. git clone -b master https://gitlab.com/baylibre/amlogic/meta-meson.git

  5. after open /openpli-oe-core/Makefile
    open with gedit (for terminal command #sudo gedit Makefile )
    $(CURDIR)/meta-wetek \

  • $(CURDIR)/meta-meson \ (add the line without the sign)
    $(CURDIR)/meta-zgemma \

save and exit

5.MACHINE=amlogic-p281 make image

Help with what? This is the CoreELEC support forum, not OpenPli forum.
If you are trying to build OpenPli on CoreELEC, then you can’t do that, because it’s not a dev platform.
You should be able to do it from a Docker container, but it’s way beyond the scope of what this forum is intended for, as we have nothing to do with OpenPli.

Is there a method to run iptv.sh on coreelec

Sorry, but I don’t know what that is.
If someone made an addon for it, then I don’t see why not.

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