S905w2 Amlogic-ne emuelc build

I’m trying to compile a version of emuelec for the S905w2 but after creating image I got it to boot but Emulationstation isn’t running due to "emulationstation: error while loading shared libraries: libEGL.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32 ".
I know this has to do with it using 32 bit version of library but don’t know how to fix this while compiling.
It took a long time to compile this but obviously did something wrong, can anyone help, or has anyone successfully compiled a version that worked??
Used Ubuntu to compile and used Amlogic-ne as device
PROJECT=Amlogic-ce DEVICE=Amlogic-ne ARCH=aarch64 DISTRO=EmuELEC make image


  1. wrong forum - this is CoreELEC
  2. seems you use 32 bit library and not 64 bit and you need to figure out why wrong class is used

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