S905X 1GB Generic - No DTB Working


I think it’s this bit?

[18:16:57 307][HUB3-3][Inf]-------------Download DDR.USB-----------
[18:16:57 308][HUB3-3][Inf]–2-2-0-0
[18:16:57 308][HUB3-3][Inf]–Control write pll reg1 0xd9000000:0x000000b1
[18:16:57 808][HUB3-3][Inf]–Control write pll reg1 0xd9000000:0x00005183
[18:16:58 309][HUB3-3][Inf]–Control write pll reg1 0xd9000000:0x000000b1
[18:16:58 810][HUB3-3][Inf]–Control write pll reg1 0xd9000000:0x00005183
[18:16:59 310][HUB3-3][Inf]–Write initial succeed
[18:16:59 310][HUB3-3][Inf]–Upload encrypt at 0xc8100228
[18:16:59 310][HUB3-3][Inf]–ulValue = 0xadfc318c

Full Log Attached. Thanks!

2018.11.27-18.txt (38.4 KB)


BL1 is not encrypted, you are lucky. One of the possible sources of problems is now excluded. But to identify the cause, you still need a boot log.


The only way to get one is using a UART cable?


Use USB to TTL converter


Yeah I had one but it’s not working anymore, gotta buy another then.

I suppose there isnt a way to log LibreELEC’s boot to a file?


Kernel messages can be redirected to display (HDMI). This can be activated in kernel command line by the following entry:


Find out how you can do it on the internet, or buy a converter that costs ~ 2$ :slight_smile:


Just got a new one, plugged in the box, got some garbage characters fed to the termninal, then the converter fried :frowning:


It’s very difficult to fry the converter. The garbage characters indicate a transmission error, check the baud rate, which must be 115200.


Im lucky then lol, it even melted the contacts and smelled burnt and wont blink the lights anymore.

Oh well gotta buy another then.


Or you just buy a box, which is known to be supported by CoreELEC. :wink:


Where’s the fun on that? :wink:


It was not meant as an offense. Excuse me, if I sounded rude.
Personally I would have given up a few days ago, when this damn box just refuses to work.

There are so many cheap boxes around, and it’s impossible to support them all.
It’s already a kind of magic, that CoreELEC is running on most of them out of the box.


Nah didn’t take as a offense at all! I just like to tinker and make things work, I think it’s fun to find what’s wrong on things and fix it!


Wrong / faulty power supply voltage perhaps? :thinking:


Good question, would android and armbian run normally if so?


Up until the point that the fault occured, yes :wink:

Are you saying that Android and armbian run normally after this?


No, that was what happened with the TTL conversor, the box is fine.