S905x Amazon VOD Addon broken



Since last update (8.95.6) the Amazon VOD only plays with low framerate and video/audio out of sync …

see details here:

Would be great if anybody could hint me to what I could try to solve that.

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short update on that:

I rolled back the version to 8.95.5 (fresh install) but the problem persists … probably it is related to an update of the videwine library, which happend close after the coreelec update …

still any hints appreciated.

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Did you try using a lower “max secure” resolution in inputstream.adaptive?
Since the last update of this addon, I also have the problem, that 720p doesn’t work anymore for every stream.
Using 640p is much more stable on my setup, but looks a bit blurry, of course.


Hi, I tried to reduce the secure decoder to 480p but still only 16fps …

cpu load is very moderate ~30%

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