S905x Amazon VOD Addon broken


Since last update (8.95.6) the Amazon VOD only plays with low framerate and video/audio out of sync …

see details here:

Would be great if anybody could hint me to what I could try to solve that.

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short update on that:

I rolled back the version to 8.95.5 (fresh install) but the problem persists … probably it is related to an update of the videwine library, which happend close after the coreelec update …

still any hints appreciated.

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Did you try using a lower “max secure” resolution in inputstream.adaptive?
Since the last update of this addon, I also have the problem, that 720p doesn’t work anymore for every stream.
Using 640p is much more stable on my setup, but looks a bit blurry, of course.

Hi, I tried to reduce the secure decoder to 480p but still only 16fps …

cpu load is very moderate ~30%

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in the meanwhile I iterated with the plugin author and in his opinion this is not a problem with the plugin, because when the video starts to play, the plugin is not doing anything anymore. Actually I can confirm that to some extend as I run the plugin on my X86 box without any trouble.

However I found out a couple of more things:

  • The situation is most of the times repairable by shutdown and restart. Sometimes it needed a power cycle. Only restarting Kodi did not to help, when I tried it.
  • Normally after reboot the first stream will work without trouble. When stopping the stream and starting it again … this potentially triggers the problem.
  • The failure seems to be triggered by specific types of streams (independent of the set resolution and bandwidth). See details below.

I attach a couple of logflles:

In the 1st log you can see me starting and stopping an episode from Jack Ryan (https://www.amazon.de/Tom-Clancys-Jack-Ryan/dp/B074VGDKLM) like 14x without triggering the problem. Then I start 2x “Der Lack ist ab (Season 4)” https://www.amazon.de/vergesslich/dp/B077ZDHJMW/ref=sr_1_5?s=instant-video&ie=UTF8&qid=1547844283&sr=1-5&keywords=der+lack+ist+ab
And on the second attempt the issue is triggered and is also observable on all other streams until reboot.

In the second log I 1st confirmed that the problem is gone by playing Jack Ryan 1 time. Everything is fine … Then I Play "Der Lack … " … still fine … Then I play again “Der lack …” … and the problem is triggered again

In the 3rd log I directly play "Der Lack… " and it plays well. Then I Play the same stream again. and the problem is there.

So now it seem I can reliably reproduce the problem. Now the the question would be:

Can anybody besides me reproduce it ? Or has anybody an Idea how get it fixed ? Or any suggestion what I could additionally try ?
I would also adress this in the libreelec forum … but there they explicitely do not support my amlogic box … thats why I am here …

Any comment appreciated.

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1_log-2019-01-13-20.00.21.zip (83.1 KB)
2_log-2019-01-13-20.19.13.zip (221.7 KB)
3_log-2019-01-18-20.57.48.zip (1.2 MB)

I have to identical s905x boxes with 1 GB RAM.
One box shows exactly the same error which you describe. The other box does not.

The problem only exist on amazon VOD, not on netflix or other streaming services (german mediathek, samba-playback). It is independent of the resolution. It also happens with low resolution.
The problem exist also in ver 9.0.0 - 9.0.2.
A soft-reboot does not solve the problem. A power-cycle solves it only temporarily and it continues after ~10 min, that could be a hint for a temperature-problem.

Has anybody a solution for the problem?

I think the following option solved the problem:
Set: Settings -> Player -> Videos -> “Sync Playback to Display” = off

Unfortunately this setting does not solve the issue on my side …