[S905X-CC (Le Potato)] - CEC not working

After updating to 9.2.4 via auto-update, my TV does not discover the CEC of my device. Manually updating to (had to disable auto update, manually re-select update channel and manually select version to apply update) did not fix that problem (This is the arm version by the way).

CE is activated under Input/Peripherals, I tried various settings including default + reboot.

Another observation: With the 9.2.4 update, the “control via http, port 8080” setting got deactivated so controlling via app etc. did not work anymore. Re-enabling the specific setting fixed the issue though.

Does anyone have an idea on where I shall look for the issue here? Thanks in advance!

There is a bug in 9.2.4 and is coming.

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I think even in there is an issue with libcec 4.0.4 (IIRC) - my S905 device (Wetek HUB) starts with CEC adapter error message.

You can try switching to libcec 4.0.5 or 4.0.7.

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