S905x CoreELEC 8.95.2 DD+ Delay (async)

Hello @ all,

i have an S905x with CoreELEC 8.95.2.

I have testet Avengers Infinity War UHD with German Dolby Digital Plus Soundtracks it has a delay the soundtrack is not sync, when i switch to normal Ac3 and DTS HD Master it´s sync.

I testet it with Star Wars the last jedi (DD+ Soundtrack) and its also out of sync, with the englisch true HD/Atmos soundtrack it´s sync with no problems.

On 8.59.1 the same problems.

Have anyone the same issues with an S905x box and dolby digital plus soundtracks?

Yes I have the same problem, already on 8.94, S912 box.

So far i disable passthrough for DD+

If possible, can you upload log files please?

I have the same problem with the nighty and the regular built (8.95.2).

The box is a S912 running Coreelec in eMMC.

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If one of you could upload some logs - https://discourse.coreelec.org/t/how-to-get-logs-and-upload-them/1431 - it’s more likely the devs will figure this out in the fastest possible way… :slight_smile:

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This is a fresh log after a reboot of the box. I have played 1 minute the English DTS and 1 minute the German EAC3 track. EAC3 is out of sync with more then 550 ms.


I’m also experiencing this on my S905 box.
Until a proper fix is found, you could disable EAC3 passthrough in the settings.
With this setting disabled the sound is being sent to the receiver in PCM format, but perfectly in sync again.

Sure, i know the possible work arounds.
I own a 7.1.4 dedicated homecinema and disabling the track is not an option :wink:
If so, i prefer the original English DTS track. But it is not my mother’s tongue.

But i am in good hope that a fix appears sooner or later.

With latest nightly from 21.10 the delay of DD+ (EAC3) soundtracks is fixed.