S905X. Freeze after resume from suspend

Hello, I have a problem with my S905X Box. It freeze after leaving the suspend mode. It has begun after fresh install of the Coreelec 9.2.0. Before I had AlexElec 2.3.10, and everything was good.
With out HDMI cable connected to the TV, everything is good. The Box resumed fine after 12 Hours in suspend mode. But if I connecting HDMI cable to the TV, I box is always freezing after suspend. What I do: Power Button on Remote - Suspend - Red Led is on - Change the HDMI IN on TV - power button on remote - blue Led is on - freeze. No picture, no power on USB, no network.
Another Power Supply, another HDMI, another TV, Android 7.1.2 install, another SD card, fresh install of Coreelec 9.2.0, no matter what I do, it freeze. But only with connected hdmi cable. With Android I don’t have those problems. With old SD card with AlexElec 2.3.10 it freeze too now.

Sorry for my very bad English.

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