[S905X] M9C Pro -- no WiFi


I am looking for a help with M9C Pro WiFi – ‘Is it supported?’

I have downloaded CoreElec 9.2 [dtb.img = gxl_p212_1g.dtb] and booted M9C Pro TV Box. On my check I found that there is no WiFi interface listed by ‘ifconfig’ and there is no ‘iw*’ terminal commands available.

Looking through dmesg and kmsg I do not see that any WiFi device was detected. ‘lsmod’ returns wifi_dummy only.

Is there any chance to make WiFi to work?

I also attempted to boot Armbian but no success – I see on the screen Amlogic with S905X only and boot process does not progress any further. I kept a hope that it might give me some clue what driver is required for WiFi interface – no luck.

Unfortunately new users are not allowed upload files [I have dmesg and kmsg output available].

Thank you for your help

Polar Bear

If you can open it you can check what wifi module is inside…

You can try running the following command and posting the URL it returns
udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio* | paste


WiFi module has ‘SCI S9082C 11640’ chip on the PCB.

Polar Bear


It looks like S9082C driver source code was never been released into public domain.

Is it dead end?

Does anybody knows if M9C Pro can be updated to Android 7.1?
Currently it is at version 6.0.1

Polar Bear

One of the best places to ask about an Android upgrade is here

There are also some S905x custom firmwares from atvXperience.

Hi Compent,

thank you for references – I will investigate them.

Polar Bear

Unfortunately S9082C is a clone of a Realtek chip and the vendors were unwilling to give us the source code to support this chip for that reason.