S905x passthrough

My soundbar do not have dd+. So I’ve it set to 2.0 channels and ac3 transcoding which gives sound. But it’s way slower now. Is it possible that video can lag due to lack of support in the soc when using passthrough on a larger file, say 60gb? Soundbar is connected to the tv with hdmi-arc.

I never tried AC3 transcoding on a S905X, maybe the CPU is too slow? Check CPU usage to confirm/disprove this “theory”.
Also, I think that if you only select DD in passthrough options, it may work. It used to work that way with my DD/DTS only soundbar.

Yeah I thought it was to slow aswell, but the cpu does not spike. If I only select dd and no transcoding I don’t have sound when there is a dialogue on going. I’ve the sonos beam soundbar.