S905x .vs S905x3 performance

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i currently have a bunch of very cheap but also very good s905x boxes (M8s II) dotted round the house. all are running the new ng images and work well. performance in Kodi is great, i use nox silvo with tonnes of custom artwork / menu items and menus are snappy and fast to load, and overall experience is very responsive.

i use next PVR for IPTV, i have a central back-end install on my PC for the s905x in my front / back lounge, and channel / epg load at start up is reasonably fast, or acceptable at least (much qucker than my Virgin Tivo takes from cold start!). For the s905x i have in the bedrooms, i have nextpvr back-end installed locally inside docker addon on each of them so i can have custom channel lists in different bedrooms. for these boxes, channel and epg load after boot is slow and takes considerably longer than the devices pointed to my PC (2 mins vs about 10 mins),and channel switching is not so fast also (1 second on boxes that point to PC, and varying 2 - 5 seconds on docker boxes) once channel list and EPG load is complete on the docker boxes performance in general is snappy again, apart from the slightly slower channel switching…

Would i see much improvement if i upgraded my bedroom boxes that run nextpvr in a docker container to s905x3? (i am considering x96 max plus as looks to be good bang for buck)

is anyone else running nextpvr in a docker on S905x3? how does it perform?

also how much better would s922x perform .vs s905x3? are they worth the extra price tag (more than 3x the price of s905x3 mostly)


I can give my two cents based on my own experience. I went from a few S905x boxes to replacing my two daily drivers with the S922x Odroid N2. I don’t use any PVR service, so I can’t directly speak to that. I use my boxes for streaming local media and emulation and the performance difference between the two chipsets is night and day. The S905x has been relegated to the guest bedroom and is only otherwise used to monkey around with the progressing NG builds for that chipset.

For my particular use case, I am extremely happy with my choice to go with the N2. I feel I’ve gotten good value for my money. Not having to worry about thermal issues due to its beefy heatsink is a huge plus, too.

I know this only partially answers your question, but I figured I’d share my perspective.
Good luck.

Thanks kshi

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Just to add to @kshi, N2 has detachable eMMC which means that you cannot brick the device. What ever you do to mess up your installation it’s very simple to bring it back to life.

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