S905x WiFi hotspot flapping

I have successfully install 9.2 on my Magicsee Iron tv box.
Everything works except WiFi hotspot.
Connections to wifi clients continuously flaps.
Happens with multiple android devices and Windows 10 PC.
Connections doesn’t last 5 seconds, disconnects and reconnects.

Need some help to troubleshoot.


Which box do you have it depends on the WiFi chip-set compatibility for AP mode to work. Only one of my boxes ever worked as an access point.

My box is Magicsee Iron
Its S905x p212 compatible

My magicsee wont act as an access point either

Current set up is on android and working OK. We are developing the box as a STB for a Hotel room. This should function as AP.
But I want to have Linux which is easily customized.
I tried ambian too. There wlan is not detected at all.