S905X2 librespot doesn't work

Today I installed CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2.0-Generic on my new H96 Max (4/32).
All is working fine so far, but I can’t get librespot working.
When I compare to my old S905 box I can see librespot doesn’t start right on the S905X2.

librespot --backend pulseaudio --bitrate 320 --cache /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.librespot/cache --device-type TV --disable-audio-cache --name "Kodi (CoreELEC-H96Max)" --notify-kodi --disable-discovery --password xxx --username xxx --verbose
[2019-10-26T13:15:46Z INFO  librespot] librespot 6a661c0ae3 (2019-10-12). Built on 2019-10-21. Build ID: TzVTIG0X
That's all, also cant do a control-c to end the process.


librespot --backend pulseaudio --bitrate 320 --cache /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.librespot/cache --device-type TV --disable-audio-cache --name "Kodi (CoreELEC-Zeepin)" --notify-kodi --disable-discovery --password xxx --username xxx --verbose
[2019-10-26T13:37:40Z INFO  librespot] librespot 5d354d50b1 (2019-09-10). Built on 2019-09-10. Build ID: mugam3nb
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z INFO  librespot_core::session] Connecting to AP "gew1-accesspoint-a-w983.ap.spotify.com:4070"
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z INFO  librespot_core::session] Authenticated as "xxx" !
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_core::session] new Session[0]
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] new Spirc[0]
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_core::mercury] new MercuryManager
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_playback::player] new Player[0]
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_playback::audio_backend::pulseaudio] Using PulseAudio sink
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] input volume:65535 to mixer: 65535
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_core::session] Session[0] strong=3 weak=2
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z INFO  librespot_core::session] Country: "NL"
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_core::mercury] subscribed uri=hm://remote/user/xxx/ count=0
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] kMessageTypeNotify "marantz SR6007" 08b684d78e0cd4213bc87300fc2c2b499bd4d324 139031814 1572097061418
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] kMessageTypeNotify "marantz SR6007" 08b684d78e0cd4213bc87300fc2c2b499bd4d324 139031773 1572097061377
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] kMessageTypeNotify "Kodi (CoreELEC)" d8c0d96ee61c4f9daedbdaa88cc53fd2ada3100f 139031773 1572097061377

Any one knows how to solve this ?
I already tried copying the ~/.kodi/addons/service.librespot files from the S905 to the S905X2, same result.
In dmesg I see these messages:
[ 239.060414@1] “librespot” (4647) uses deprecated CP15 Barrier instruction at 0xab5de270
Also switching to the latest nigthly doesn’t solve it.

Same issue here with Corelec 9.2.0 on T95Q…

Same problem for me, since I upgraded to 9.2.0 librespot doesn’t work anymore.
I am willing to help if somebody needs more information.

Did you find any fix ? :slight_smile:

I installed the version here and it seems to be working. Maybe give it a shot

I will try the nightly version if I find some time, and otherwise I just hope it will be fixed in the next stable.

Hmm I tried the last 2 versions and both didn’t work for me.
Spotify just doesn’t appear on the devices nearby screen.

Same here… :’(

This command should be executed before running librespot

echo 2 >/proc/sys/abi/cp15_barrier

So the solution is adding this line to the file /storage/.config/autostart.sh. If this file doesn’t exist create it. And the file muct be in Unix format (don’t use Windows Notepad to create this file).

New versions of this addon will have this workaround included.

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