S905X2 librespot doesn't work

Today I installed CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2.0-Generic on my new H96 Max (4/32).
All is working fine so far, but I can’t get librespot working.
When I compare to my old S905 box I can see librespot doesn’t start right on the S905X2.

librespot --backend pulseaudio --bitrate 320 --cache /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.librespot/cache --device-type TV --disable-audio-cache --name "Kodi (CoreELEC-H96Max)" --notify-kodi --disable-discovery --password xxx --username xxx --verbose
[2019-10-26T13:15:46Z INFO  librespot] librespot 6a661c0ae3 (2019-10-12). Built on 2019-10-21. Build ID: TzVTIG0X
That's all, also cant do a control-c to end the process.


librespot --backend pulseaudio --bitrate 320 --cache /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.librespot/cache --device-type TV --disable-audio-cache --name "Kodi (CoreELEC-Zeepin)" --notify-kodi --disable-discovery --password xxx --username xxx --verbose
[2019-10-26T13:37:40Z INFO  librespot] librespot 5d354d50b1 (2019-09-10). Built on 2019-09-10. Build ID: mugam3nb
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z INFO  librespot_core::session] Connecting to AP "gew1-accesspoint-a-w983.ap.spotify.com:4070"
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z INFO  librespot_core::session] Authenticated as "xxx" !
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_core::session] new Session[0]
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] new Spirc[0]
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_core::mercury] new MercuryManager
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_playback::player] new Player[0]
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_playback::audio_backend::pulseaudio] Using PulseAudio sink
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] input volume:65535 to mixer: 65535
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_core::session] Session[0] strong=3 weak=2
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z INFO  librespot_core::session] Country: "NL"
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_core::mercury] subscribed uri=hm://remote/user/xxx/ count=0
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] kMessageTypeNotify "marantz SR6007" 08b684d78e0cd4213bc87300fc2c2b499bd4d324 139031814 1572097061418
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] kMessageTypeNotify "marantz SR6007" 08b684d78e0cd4213bc87300fc2c2b499bd4d324 139031773 1572097061377
[2019-10-26T13:37:41Z DEBUG librespot_connect::spirc] kMessageTypeNotify "Kodi (CoreELEC)" d8c0d96ee61c4f9daedbdaa88cc53fd2ada3100f 139031773 1572097061377

Any one knows how to solve this ?
I already tried copying the ~/.kodi/addons/service.librespot files from the S905 to the S905X2, same result.
In dmesg I see these messages:
[ 239.060414@1] “librespot” (4647) uses deprecated CP15 Barrier instruction at 0xab5de270
Also switching to the latest nigthly doesn’t solve it.

Same issue here with Corelec 9.2.0 on T95Q…

Same problem for me, since I upgraded to 9.2.0 librespot doesn’t work anymore.
I am willing to help if somebody needs more information.

Did you find any fix ? :slight_smile:

I installed the version here and it seems to be working. Maybe give it a shot

I will try the nightly version if I find some time, and otherwise I just hope it will be fixed in the next stable.

Hmm I tried the last 2 versions and both didn’t work for me.
Spotify just doesn’t appear on the devices nearby screen.

Same here… :’(